murderers are among us commentary

In the movie the female lead actor known as Susanna came back from her concentration camp to start a new life and rebuild her country. When returning she finds the male lead actor known as Dr. Hans living in her house and they decided to share the place until he found another house. The real story began here when they started to stay together. Susanna’s intentions were to help him since she saw that he was emotionally and mentally damaged because of the war more than anyone else because he was there during the war.

The movie was made to show how and what people had to go through during that period. It was a very devastating situation for the people there. A lot of people had to fled out of their country and lots of lives have been taken and so on. In this movie we had 2 main leads that showed different view and spirits after the war. One side of the view was all about how people want to contribute and help in rebuilding their country and had a vision of a good future by working together and had hopes of meeting their family and relatives that had fled during the war. The other view people had was that there is nothing that can be done. It was as if life was over for them.

In general, this movie coveys the message that there is still hope and that they should move on and think of how to rebuild the country instead of being stuck in the past and live miserably.