Murders are Among Us film commentary. GE

I really enjoyed watching this movie. This movie has a lot of twists and turns that I really liked. This movie has two important main characters. The first main character is Susanna Wallner. She is a very nice young lady retuning from a concentration camp that she was in. She was in the concentration camp for 3-4 years. She returns back from the concentration camp and she finds a Doctor living in her apartment. She came back to help the country and help the rebuild. The other main character is Hans Mertens. Hans was a Doctor who stayed for the war, while Susanna fled. This was common for this time in the war for some people to flee and return to reconstruct the country or we have the people who stayed to fight or aid the country after the war. While Susanna was in a concentration camp, Hans was a Doctor in the war. He saw horrible things, he saw tragedy’s and most importantly he experienced war. Dr. Hans was broken and finished. Inside he was dead.


I believe the main message of this movie is to forget the past and focus on the future. Susanna wants to focus on the future and rebuild, Hans can’t forget what he experienced in the past. During the movie and towards the end of the movie they work together for a rebuild. We see Dr. Hans personality change throughout the movie. From becoming a sad and worthless Doctor to becoming a positive and bright Doctor ready to help anyone. From my perspective the message of the movie is to stick together and forget about the past and focus on the future. I know this does not sound easy but it’s what you have to do after a devastating war. To see these two main characters overcome that and change throughout the film is magnificent.